“Working with Angus is such a joy. His calm, kind and intuitive nature serve him well in producing such perfect photograhic images time and time again. He is totally committed to each project and not only does he produce great photos he is such a lovely guy!”

- Susan Leigh, Owner Moody Moody Design.

"Angus has produced some fantastic quality photos of the business. He is a complete professional, working around the team and suggesting good shots. Extremely efficient, certainly exceeded our expectations."

- Penny Bennett, Owner Sitting Pretty Salon, Southport

"I cannot speak highly enough of the work Angus has undertaken in photographing the various sports across the club. He has spent hundreds of hours stood at the side of cricket pitches, hockey pitches, tennis courts & squash courts ensuring the club’s players are shown in the best light. It has given hundreds of members both from within S&B Sports Club and our opponents the chance to see a different view of the game that they would never have been seen.

As is shown on our Facebook page and website, the comments that are received cannot praise Angus enough & I know a large number of photos have been printed and displayed in people’s homes as a result! Many thanks for all your work Angus – it really is appreciated.”

- Jonny Firth Southport & Birkdale Sports Club

“In my capacity as the Press officer and Historian at Southport RFC and as a social member at Southport & Birkdale Sports Club I have been hugely impressed with the lengths to which Angus has gone to at his own time and expense to unearth the sporting and social mood and ethos of each. It is not just the quality of each shot but the thought that goes into taking, processing and distributing it to ensure the emotion of the moment is captured for all to share whether it be on the web site, in the local media or individually mounted. No better example than an occasion when, in getting close to the action on the touchline in a Southport RFC third team fixture, he was unceremoniously taken out by a robust tackle! True to form Angus picked himself up, dusted himself down and although somewhat shaken carried on looking for the next shot.

A true gentleman in every respect, the sight of Angus resplendent in his Barbour, green wellies and multitude of cameras and lenses adorning his neck is the stuff of legend as an integral part of the sporting landscape at Waterloo Road and Trafalgar Road.”

- Graham Ellis, President, Southport RFC

“Since Angus came on board at Southport Rugby Club he has transformed the whole way in which we now approach and use his expert photography at the Club. His work is exceptional and the joy and pleasure that his portfolio has given to the members is immeasurable. It has also made a substantial difference to our commercial outlook as we try and promote the very best aspects of the Club on through all our media platforms…we are lucky that he shares his time and talent with us.”

- Andrew Carney, Vice President, Southport RFC

"My firm has engaged the services of Angus on a number of occasions to assist with our website and an initial rebranding exercise. The quality of Angus's corporate photography work and the manner in which he conducts business would mean we would always use Angus for photography.

Over the last couple of years Angus has also developed his reputation as a high quality sporting photographer at my cricket club Southport & Birkdale CC.
So whether for corporate or sporting shots, I would have no hesitation in recommending Angus."

- J.P. Butler, Senior Partner, Butler Capital LLP

"The quality of Angus's work speaks for itself it goes without saying.

The things which impressed me the most upon meeting him however were his passion for his chosen art and his commitment to providing that quality in each aspect of his work.

He is extremely generous with both his time and talent and should be the first stop for anyone looking for a photographer."

- Mike Carter - Stand Up Comedian

"Amazing photographer that we have used regularly for fashion shoots. Including working with large and small animals over the last 4 years.

Nothing phases Angus he's a true professional !!"

- Tina Marriott, Owner, Equiemporium

"About 7/8 years ago I met up with Angus again. (We had been at the same Secondary School)
Angus was now a professional photographer and he came to my comedy gigs. Over the years he has done some amazing work on taking pictures not just of me but my fellow comedians who really appreciated the amazing photos he took. There is one photograph of me which I use regularly as part of my promotion as it is one of the best photos I have of myself.
If I ever need a new promo to do Angus will always be available & the results will be magnificent.
Angus has also done some amazing work for my wife in publicising her new novel.
Thank you Angus"

- Henry Churniavsky - Stand Up Comedian & Fundraiser

"Angus is an excellent photographer with a keen interest in our local area promoting sports events, etc. He is reliable and professional and I having worked with Angus for many years would recommend him."

- Dawn Howlett, Kirkwood Wilson Accountants