Sports & Events



It’s all about capturing the moment. 

Years of practice and training have lead up to the moment where you convert a try, hit a six, overtake, serve an ace or score the goal that gets the win. Capturing the joy and the reaction of the spectators.

From a background in motor racing photography around the circuits of Britain and beyond, we photograph a wide range of sports but specialise in motor racing, rugby, cricket and hockey. 

Whether it is an event, team or individual shot, we can produce dramatic results with a very short turnaround to meet publishers’ deadlines.

The best photos are the ones that show the determination, the passion and the love that amateur and professional sports men and women have for their sport. It’s a privilege to be there, capturing the moment that showcases their skill, talent and years of hard work and sacrifice.

Of all the genres of photography, sports photography is the one where having the right equipment makes the biggest difference. Over the years we have invested in the best cameras and lenses so that we can guarantee images that will surprise and delight you and which will be of a standard that newspapers and magazines will be happy to use.


Whether it is an informal family gathering at home, a birthday party in a venue or a fomal ball, we will enjoy photographing your event and delivering a collection of images that will bring back happy memories for years to come.

We work discreetly and unobtrusively and, if the photographs are intended for newspapers or magazines, we will fit in with your deadlines, however tight they are.