People & Portraits



We photograph people at work on location, whatever type of work they do.

This is different to conventional portraiture as it not posed and the result looks completely natural. This type of photography works well with young children as they find it difficult to pose for very long.



Helping people enjoy having their photograph taken is very much part of what we do.

It’s our job to listen to what each client hopes for out of a photo shoot and turn those hopes and ideas into reality. We do this by a process of consultation and forward planning, discussing shoot styling and venues.

We take time over the shoot to bring out the best in our clients and then carefully process the results. We are experts at getting even the most nervous client to relax and pose them in a way that brings out the best in them. It always surprises us to hear, at the end of a shoot, how much the clients have enjoyed themselves. We believe a photoshoot should be fun!

We follow this with a visit back to the client, so that they can spend time relaxing, whilst choosing their favourite shots.