Corporate & Commercial


I’ve been involved in running companies for over thirty years and know just how important is the public image of your people, products and services. During that time, I did all the photography for both companies and I have always enjoyed the challenges that corporate and commercial photography present the photographer.


These days, photographs of key personnel are a vital part of any website – projecting an image that will be seen by existing and prospective customers, suppliers, staff and investors. Just one photograph of you and each of your key personnel has to appeal to these different groups, so it's worth taking a little time to get it right.

The traditional “mug shot” of your team members against a white background is old fashioned and will do nothing for your business. Today, people expect to see something more – to understand more of the story of your business as it is today and where it is going in the future.

We always recommend giving a business portrait a sense of location, whether indoors or outdoors that helps to tell more of your story and your business's story. It could be a local landmark in the background or your actual place of work.

Taking individual and team shots is often a great morale boost for personnel. Most of them will have only had a professional photographer take their photograph at a wedding and are only used to seeing photographs of themselves that have been taken on a smartphone with a smudged lens. I get people relaxed very quickly and then pose them to look their best. At the end of many shoots, I've been told by the client that his or her staff were a bit apprehensive about the shoot but actually enjoyed the whole experience.


We also have many years of experience in product photography and producing high quality images to be used in brochures, training manuals and advertisements. Whatever business you are in, we will make your product look fabulous. We can photograph your products on location (we have our own portable studio flsh kit) or take smaller products away and return them, once we've taken all the photos.

We can use "green screen" backgrounds and special software to completely remove the background of an image, which is ideal for catalogues and brochures.


If you want to be seen in magazines and newspapers, it's crucial that you have good photographs to accompany your copy. A snap taken on a smartphone just isn't good enough. As a photographer who is used to working to tight dealines for newspapers, I am used to processing photographs quickly and turning out high quality results.

I have covered a lot of events over the years and have learned how to put people at ease quickly and to work unobstrusively. I take great care when processing photographs to ensure that everyone looks good.


If you run a business where your staff often take photographs of locations or events for social media, I can offer training packages that will greatly lift the quality of images they produce. I can also advise on the most appropriate equipment for you to buy and the software you should use.


We listen carefully to our clients and then help them to turn their vision for their business into a visual reality. We like to spend time understanding our clients’ ambitions and the challenges they face. 

Whilst we’re happy to undertake one-off projects, the real pleasure for us is in developing long-term relationships with companies where we can be relied on to deliver images over and over again that fit in with the vision you have for the growth of your business.

We understand that corporate clients need to work to budgets that show a return for every single pound spent on photography. That’s why we like to agree a budget and timescale for each project in advance and then take as many photographs as we need to get the results we want. Forget the ticking clock – we want to produce images that will delight you and amaze your customers, staff and investors.

There are no hidden extras – the price you pay lets you use the images across all media for as long as you want.

We like to work with all sizes of companies. From single person startups to multi-million pound turnover quoted companies. They all have their challenges and they all inspire us. It’s a fact that every multi-million pound company started off with one person who had a dream. If you’re a single person startup with a dream, we want to go on that journey with you.